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EliteSmile Vitamin & Xylitol + Whitening Pen To Go!

Our NEW pen is different from our first Teeth Whitening pen in that it NOW contains Vitamin C and Vitamin D in combination with high concentration of Xylitol. This is not only  a teeth whitening product but also a overall mouth caring product.  


Prevents holes (cavities) and strengthens your teeth! Up to 8 shades whiter, 60 treatments. It is a revolution in dental hygiene and in cosmetic products. It works great for those who want to get rid of stains, whiten teeth while at the same time repair and strengthen teeth. It contains fluoride xylitol which makes teeth stronger with each treatment. Elite Smile meets all EU requirements and contains the same enamel safe ingredient used by dentists around the world.

  • Makes plaque grow slower and the plaque and discoloration does not stick as easily.
  • Repairing already existing enamel damage (remineralisation).
  • Contains Vitamin C and Vitamin D
  • Contains Xylitol
  • Strengthens the mouth’s own defense mechanisms.
  • Increases saliva flow and helps with dry mouth.
  • Prevents bleeding gums and loose teeth. Strengthens teeth.
  • Fresher breath. Easy application: brush directly on your teeth after brushing, food or coffee diner.
  • Bleaching your teeth at home. Easy to carry everywhere.
  • Up to 8 shades whiter teeth.
  • Approximately 60 strokes / Treatments.
  • Elite Smile White White Pen is very gentle on enamel and teeth.

Elite Smile VitaWhite Teeth Whitening Pen with vitamin C & E and Xylitol contains 0,25 % carbamidperoxide – 0,1 % hydrogen peroxide and is approved and follows EU requirement. Elitesmile has been approved by the Swedish Medical Agency and is manufactured in Germany and follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). This product has been tested in in Germany and delivers fast, safe and reliable result. This is a trademarked and registered product.

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Product Description



Xylitol is a “tooth-friendly”, nonfermentable sugar alcohol. It appears to have more dental health benefits than other polyalcohols. The structure of xylitol contains a tridentate ligand, (H-C-OH)3 that can rearrange with polyvalent cations like Ca2+. This interaction allows Ca2+ to be transported through the gut wall barrier and through saliva which remineralize enamel before dental cavities form. Xylitol results in fewer cavities or missing teeth. Cavity-causing bacteria prefer six-carbon sugars or disaccharides, while xylitol is non-fermentable and cannot be used as an energy source – while still being taken up into the cell (due to similar shape) and leaving no room for the six-carbon sugars, interfering with bacterial growth and reproduction. The harmful micro-organisms are starved in the presence of xylitol, allowing the mouth to remineralize damaged teeth with less interruption.  At least six grams of xylitol per day is thought to be needed for dental efficacy. Xylitol also inhibits the growth of Streptococcus pneumoniae, as well as the attachment of Haemophilus influenzae on the nasopharyngeal cells.

Vitamin C

Our VitaWhite teeth whitening pen with vitamin contains Vitamin C which helps the lining of the gums (epithelium) stay healthy despite the bacteria that inhabit the mouth. Healthy gums isolate the bacteria from the roots of the teeth despite their close proximity. When bacteria start to penetrate the gums, through tiny lesions or weakened lining, it is within the gums that the immune system fights to eradicate the harmful bacteria and to ensure the health of both the gums as well as the underlying tooth-supporting ligaments and bone. Vitamin C is key to the processes of cell growth, healing and repair of tissue. It’s necessary for the production of collagen, the basic protein that makes up all connective tissue, including that of the gums and of the periodontal ligaments that help the gums stay tight to the teeth and the teeth to the jawbone. All creatures need vitamin C. Lack of vitamin C causes gum swelling and loose teeth.

Vitamin D

Enamel is the most mineralized substance in the human body. It is made up of mostly calcium and phosphate. Vitamin D is important for increasing the absorption of calcium and phosphate from the food you eat. Increasing the absorption of calcium and phosphate can improve the strength of your teeth and their ability to fight demineralization from bacteria. Vitamin D receptors are found on cells in your immune system and in your teeth. Vitamin D can bind to these receptors and increase the amount of good antimicrobial proteins in your body which help to fight the bacteria that cause dental caries. In addition, the cells in the teeth that form dentin and enamel contain vitamin D receptors, meaning that vitamin D may play a role in their functioning. Please use the VitaWhite teeth whitening pen with vitamin daily.


Our VitaWhite teeth whitening pen with vitamin contains Zinc. Why do we have zinc? Well, zinc is an essential trace element. In the mouth, it is present naturally in plaque, saliva and enamel. Zinc is formulated into oral health products to control plaque, reduce malodour and inhibit calculus formation. It has good oral substantivity, and elevated concentrations can persist for many hours in plaque and saliva following delivery from mouthrinses and toothpastes. High concentrations of zinc can both reduce enamel demineralisation and modify remineralisation, during caries clinical trials. Any who uses our vitawhite teeth whitening pen with vitamin will notice less odor from the moment they try it.

Carbamide Peroxide vs Hydroperoxid

Carbamide peroxide has two portions, the Carbamide portion and the Hydrogen portion. In the presence of water (i.e. oral saliva) it disassociates into free carbamide and free hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide Peroxide must go through this initial step before any bleaching can occur because it is only the free HP that actually does the bleaching. This takes more time, but Carbamide Peroxide is much more stable than Hydrogen Peroxide and also has a much longer shelf life. Carbamide Peroxide is the better choice. It is much more stable and takes longer to react than Hydrogen Peroxide. It has a longer shelf life since it needs to come into contact with water before it starts to react, whereas Hydrogen Peroxide can start to react by being over-exposed to just light energy. Also, since higher concentrations of Carbamide Peroxide actually equate to much lower concentrations of eventually formed Hyderogen Peroxide, a safer, higher concentration of Carbamide Peroxide can be utilized for take home use, where the consumer is only using it for a short time each day, i.e. 30-60 minutes per day for up to a two week daily treatment regimen. vitawhite teeth whitening pen with vitamin contains 0,25% Carbamide Peroxide which in activates to 0,1% Hydroperoxid. This is a safe process and give our product a 24 month shelf time. We recommend avoiding excessive heat or leaving the vitawhite teeth whitening pen with vitamin in the sun as this will activate the Carbamide Peroxide.


Simply brushing on the agent without any problems even for those hard to reach surfaces. We recommend atleast 2 times a day. You can use it anytime of the day after breakfeats, lunch or any meal. Use Elite Smile White White Pen regularly. The VitaWhite teeth whitening pen with vitamin boost and helps you teeth and gum against caries, plaque and cavities. It also gives you pearly white teeth while at the same time it reduces odors. With vitawhite teeth whitening pen with vitamin we know that not only helps you get whiter teeth but also protect and impove your mouth hygine. This is the ultimate mouth caring product.

This is a trademarked and registered product. We Guarantee Satisfaction.

This product has been tested and is safe to use and authorized to be sold in Europe.  We have passad all the rigid EU regulations.

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    The best whitening product. I have tried many and must say that this one really worked and it was so easy to apply. Recommend people to try this! 5 tumbs up!

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    Wow great product. it worked for me in 3 days.

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    I really liked how easy it was to use. Great! and tasted and smelled really nice.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Great product worked great. :) 5 STARS from me!

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    Måste bara skriva att den här produkten är helt grym! Tack för mitt nya leende!!!!/J

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    Tog bara 2 veckor för mig att få vita tänder..:) :) :) och så enkelt att använda!

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