Quick Guide:

1. Brush your teeth. Rotate the pen at base to dispense the gel.
2. Hold a wide smile and keep lips away from teeth during treatment.
3. Apply a thin layer of the gel on the tooth surface.
4. Let the gel dry for 30 sec – 1 min. (If you wish you can also rinse the mouth after 10 min)
5. Refrain from eating or drinking for 30 min after application.

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Brush Teeth and rinse mouth thoroughly Smile wide and keep lips away from teeth Dry front of teeth and use the brush applicator to apply whitening gel onto the front of upper and lower individually, avoid touching the gums Once it bubbles slightly, the gel will begin activity dissolving organic stains and whitening your teeth. Relax lips 30 seconds later. Do not rinse as the effectiveness will continue for some time after application Replace the cap and close tightly. Clean off any excessive gel from the bristle and pen before closing the cap.

Avoid gum! Download Instruction Manual

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When the gel comes in contact with saliva the active ingredients start working making your teeth whiter. The gel is also activated by UV light or regular sun light. Avoid drinking or eating for 30 min after use. Avoid also wine, coffee or anything that can cause stains for about 2 hrs after use. For best result apply twice a day for best results. You can sleep with this gel on the teeth. Its completely safe to use if your pregnant. Does not work on teeth that are porslin or dentures!


Frequency of use:

Apply twice per day for up to five days for results. To maintain the result apply once or twice a week or as required.

Use twice a day for the first month to get best results and about 2 shades whiter teeth. After this initial phase, maintain by applying once a day or as required.